Review: Ohuhu marker refills

Review samples provided by Ohuhu

Ohuhu has been selling markers for years and they have finally released alcohol marker refills on their 7th anniversary.

At the time of this video, the ink refills are available in 51 colours including the colourless blender. Each refill cost USD 4.99 and has 16ml of ink. The dye-based ink is made with 55.5 - 85% Ethanol. And do note the inks are dye-based which means they can fade when exposed to light so you should always store these ink refills and your marker artworks away from light.

Diameter of the ink refill bottle is quite similar to the Honolulu markers.

Note that the colour name (and look of the colour) actually follows the Honolulu series, but the colour code may differ. Meaning, the colours make look the same and have the same name but the colour code may differ. You can see the colour chart for the refills here.

To refill the markers, you just pull out the marker nib, either with paper like I do, or with a nib remover. If you use a nib remover, please clean it before using it with another marker to prevent ink contamination.

The colour, colour code and colour name are shown on the screw-on cap.

According to the company, these are the number of times you can refill the following markers:

  • Honolulu (3ml) - 5 times
  • Oahu (2ml) - 8 times
  • Kaala (2ml) - 8 times
  • Molokai (5ml) - 3 times

These alcohol ink refills are definitely worth the money. Each refill is $4.99 and can refill your markers several times depending on the size of your markers. Your marker tip will probably wear out before the ink refill is empty. Oh, Ohuhu sells spare marker tips too.


You can get these ink refills and spare marker tips from Ohuhu online store.


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