Review: Apple Pencil alternative with battery indicator from Goojodoq

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Goojodoq is a company that makes accessories for mobile accessories and they have many Apple Pencil alternatives and iPad keyboards and cases.

According to their marketing, this is their 30th gen Apple Pencil alternative. No I did not go check the previous 29 pens to see if they are telling the truth.

Anyway, this latest Apple Pencil alternative works with all iPads for writing and drawing but supports wireless charging only for models that support Apple Pencil 2 charging. There is a USB-C to charger adapter included for wired charging. One replacement pen tip is included, and you can buy more from Goojodoq at very affordable prices (get the 2B soft tips for drawing).

The design and build quality looks and feels just like the SGD 200 original Apple Pencil 2, except it's priced at SGD 24 (at time of review).

The pen does not require pairing to work with any iPads.

The pen supports tilt sensitivity and palm rejection but there's no support for pressure sensitivity. Writing performance is fantastic and palm rejection works great. If you want to get a pen for writing, this is an excellent alternative at 80% discount compared to the original Apple Pencil 2.

Tilt sensitivity works fine. For artists who require pressure sensitivity, this pen is not for you since it does not support pressure. I have reviewed countless Apple Pencil alternatives and I have not seen one that supports pressure yet.

It is possible to use tilt to vary line width just like how you can use pressure sensitivity to do so. You just need to use an app that supports tilt sensitivity for brushes. E.g. Procreate, CSP.

The battery indicator is nice but in reality is not that useful since the pen is always attached by the tablet and hence will always be charged. The battery indicator is useful if you use an iPad that cannot charge this pen wirelessly.

The main downside of the pen is it has to be powered on before it can be used. You have to press the power button behind the pen first before the pen can be used. Hopefully Goojodoq can make a pen that powers on automatically in the future.

This pen works great for writing and for drawing that does not require pressure sensitivity. For SGD 24, it's worth the money.

If you're interested to buy this, you can get it from Goojodoq's Shopee SG online store.

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