Review: Adonit Note stylus for iPads (2018 and newer)

This review unit was provided by Adonit.

Adonit Note is a stylus designed for 2018 iPad, iPad Pro and newer models. This does not work on Android. For Android, consider Adonit Snap 2 or Adonit Dash 3 instead.

This is a stylish looking stylus that is available in two colours, black and silver. The body is full metal and has a solid build quality and premium feel to it.

The tip has a matte surface so when working on glass, it's not slippery. Although for writing, I actually think it's preferable to have a more slippery tip because you want to write fast.

The tip is replaceable but no replacement tips are included so they must be purchased from Adonit.

This stylus is powered by battery and charging is done with a micro-USB cable that's provided. Battery life is rated to be 12 hours and a quick 4 minute charge should give you one hour of battery life.

Palm rejection works relatively well. The only iPad I could test on currently is the iPad Pro 2018 so I can't say much about its performance on other iPads.

The note taking or handwriting performance is surprisingly good. Much better than I expected. I suspect it has something to do with the iPad Pro. Anyway, there is no parallax, no misalignment. The stylus was able to capture my handwriting very accurately. I dare say it works as well as the Apple Pencil except there's no pressure sensitivity but it also doesn't have that hefty Apple Pencil price. Price at the time of review is US $50.

One feature that I wasn't able to get it work is the ability to tap on a sleeping iPad and have the Notes app open. You can do that with the Apple Pencil 2 on the iPad Pro 2018. I wasn't able to do that with Adonit Note. When I tap on the screen, nothing happens.


This stylus writes very well. It was able to capture my handwriting accurately without any misalignment. This is easy for me to recommend to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apple Pencil for writing on the iPad. Do note this stylus is only supported on iPads from 2018 and newer.


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