Review: Adonit Droid stylus

Adonit Droid is the latest member to join the family of disc-tip styluses from Adonit. Over the years, I've reviewed other styluses such as the Adonit Jot Pro and Adonit Mini 3. I also have Adonit Switch but I've yet to review that.

All these disc-tip styluses are capacitive styluses. As such, they do not support pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. That's the downside. The upside is they are very accurate, the lines always appear directly beneath the tip and there is no diagonal line jitter commonly associated with digital battery powered styluses.

This stylus is quite thin. The diameter is only 7mm.

Compared to the other disc-tip styluses, the disc here measures only 4.75mm. That is really small. So small that I was actually surprised when I first saw it. I've always though that disc tips are suppose to be big but apparently that's not true here.

Build quality is excellent. It feels like it can last for a long time. The metallic body is matte and nice to touch.

The screw-on cap protects the tip and can be posted. There's a black rubber ring that dampens the cap when it's being screwed on. The black rubber ring prevents the cap from being screwed on too tightly so that it can be removed. That's attention to detail.

The cap has a small clip for those who want to put it in their pocket.

Because the stylus is small and thin, it doesn't feel as substantial when held in hand compared to other larger styluses. It's not uncomfortable to hold though. This is the sort of compromise when balancing portability and form.

The disc tip handles smoothly and accurately on glass surfaces. Some may find it to be a bit slippery but that's just how most disc-tip styluses are.

No replacement tips are included. I wished there were some though.

One of the disadvantages of Adonit's disc tip is sometimes after writing or drawing, the tip may not be in the right position for the next stroke. When that happens, you have to re-position the tip again. It's a minor issue.

Here, I drew squares to test for diagonal line jitter. The jitter if any is from my hands. The stylus is quite accurate.

Here's a quick sketch I drew on my phone.

Even though Adonit has marketed the stylus for use on Android devices, you can still use it on touchscreen devices that run iOS and Windows. It's a capacitive stylus after all so it should work on most touchscreen devices (except those 2-in-1 foldable tablets).

It was able to capture my handwriting quite well.


Adonit Droid is a stylus that does what it's suppose to do. It's well built, looks good and accurate. If you need a portable stylus, this is one to consider. Between this and the equally portable Adonit Snap, I prefer the disc tip because there's no diagonal line jitter.


The official retail price for Adonit Droid is USD $24.99 and it's available on Amazon through these product links: | | | | | | |


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Hola, tengo un lápiz Adonit

Hola, tengo un lápiz Adonit droit. Me informaron desde el soporte Adonit que funciona en Surface Windows 10, pero no consigo dibujar ni escribir. Puedo arrastrar iconos y ésto me hace pensar, que tal ves es un tema de configuración. Alguna sugerencia?

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