Packing list for Cambodia sketching trip (9-14 Jan 2014)

I'll be going on holiday to Cambodia to visit and sketch Angkor Wat from 9-14 Jan.

Here's my updated packing list, with only slight variation from the previous Bangkok and Spain trips.

These will be all that I bring to Cambodia.

That's the Grandluxe Etcetra Sketchbook I'm using. 80 pages of 180gsm paper. It should be enough for the trip even though it's A5. So it will just be one sketchbook. I'm keeping it simple.

Although I wanted to bring an A4 Watercolour Moleskine, I did not order it in time and I don't want to buy it at exorbitant prices from Kinokuniya Singapore. So I'll have to do without it this time. Each spread took me around 2-3 hours when I was sketching in Spain.

These are the pens and brushes.

Darn, I forgot to draw the technical pencil.

The watercolour box has been fitted with Daniel Smith watercolours, the same ones that I used in Spain. I removed the pans from the other plastic watercolour box and put it into this metal box just to try it out. Both boxes are lightweight though.

I lost my portable field chair in Spain so that's the new, similar looking one, that I bought. This one's slightly smaller so it fits more easily into my messenger bag.

All the items that you see above are going into my messenger bag.

PS: While I'm away, don't be alarmed by that French and Japanese translated reviews that you're going to see in the next few days.


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