Artist Review: Stilo 6R Stylus

Here's a stylus I received from Stilo for this review, the Stilo 6R Stylus. My review is from the perspective of someone who uses stylus for drawing.

By the way, the company also makes an active stylus called 2A.

This is a rubber tip stylus so its performance is not going to be different from other rubber tip stylus in the crowded stylus market. Since it's a capacitive stylus, it works with all tablets.

What I like about this stylus is the triangular cross-section metallic body. It does not roll off tables, and it's quite ergonomic to hold. The body's texture is matte, so it has a nice feel to it on hand.

Another feature is the body is magnetic. You can attach it to your tablet if there are magnets, hopefully at an area suitable for storing a stylus.

Overall build quality is good. It's solid and has a nice weight to it. From what I can gather, it comes only in black colour. I like the length of the stylus which is about as long as a normal pen. Usually, other rubber tip styluses are shorter.

The downside of rubber tip stylus is that it blocks off what you're drawing. So it's challenging to connect lines when you can't see exactly where you are drawing from or drawing too. Drawing with rubber tips take a while to get used to, especially with getting used to where the line will appear in position under the rubber tip.

The other thing to note when drawing with such styluses is of course the type of apps you're using. If you want to use an app that supports pressure sensitivity, perhaps it might be better to get a pressure sensitive stylus. If you just want a stylus for general purpose, like navigating, taking notes, then a rubber tip stylus may suffice.

Rubber tips can wear out and tear. How durable it is really depends on your drawing frequency. With rubber tip stylus like this, when the tip wears out, it's usually time to get a new stylus.

Is it worth the money?

Rubber styluses can be found sold at very low prices.

The current retail price of the Stilo 6R is USD $19.99, which is twice or even three times as much when compared to other rubber tip stylus.

Stilo hopes that the physical design of the stylus might entice you to spend extra money on it. So it's really up to you whether or not you value that triangular magnetic body.

Another stylus that's very similar to the Stilo 6R is the Adonit Mark which also features a metalic triangular body. Adonit Mark has a mesh tip that's more durable but the body is not magnetic. Another attraction is it's only half the price of the Stilo 6R.


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