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Thanks for your excellent

Thanks for your excellent reviews that don't only help artists but also digital note-takers (personally, I am interested in the perfect Onenote experience).

In the Galaxy Tab S3 review, you test handwriting and mention that it is still not on par with the Lenovo Yoga Book (while being really good still). How would the iPad Pro compare here? You also mention there that the S Pen tip has too little friction for your taste with the Galaxy Tab S3. With the iPad, in store I was shocked how hard the tip is and low the friction is and I did not manage do write decently at all in Onenote. It felt like holding a big glass stick instead of a pen. I was also worried by the way the pen needs to be charged constantly, which you don't mention here (also this is maybe more a con for note-takers than for artists, who want to have a pen ready *at all times* for spntaneous meetings, ideas etc.). Thank you for clarifying this!

(I'd also second a wish for a review of the current Galaxy Tab A 10.1 S Pen, but this does not belong under this article :) )