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Sculpting on Giant Clay Balls

Over the weekend, I went over to Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle due to Tia's invite to sculpt and paint on some giant clay balls. That's the sketch of the ladies sculpting and painting away. For me, I just sculpting the outlines for some local dishes and the MRT train. Sculpting is more tedious than I realised. I can't imagine what it is like for those old masters to sculpt statues back in their time.

This is another sketch from somewhere else, Clarke Quay. I'm still trying to use up the QoR watercolors. For the colours, I used Naples Yellow and French Ultramarine. The mixture reminded me of how much I dislike Naples Yellow. It's low chroma and opacity makes it very difficult to mix with other colours. I'm going to retire this colour, and also the remaining Naples Yellow that I have from Winsor and Newton.

The greens were mixed with Naples Yellow and Phthalo Blue while the brown is mixed with Naples Yellow and French Ultramarine.