Watercolor Landscapes: Experimental Tools and Techniques by Christian Koivumaa (online art course)

Christian Koivumaa is a watercolour artist based in Sweden. His art is amazing and you can see more on his Instagram page. I really love his use of wet on wet and lost edges.

Watercolor Landscapes: Experimental Tools and Techniques is a beginner's course on painting landscapes, in this case painting a farm house surrounded by rolls of hay set with a mountain in the background.

The course is sort of divided into two halves. The first half has lessons on covering different watercolour colour techniques with hands-on demonstration. There are also lessons on art fundamentals such as composition, perspective, drawing and simplification. The second half is the step by step tutorial on the final project.

It's a beginner's course so it's suitable for anyone without knowledge of watercolour. You'll just need watercolour supplies to follow along.

The course is insightful, informative and enjoyable. You'll be able to learn the techniques involved in creating beautiful paintings. And it's quite inspiring to see the actual results.

Check out this course by Christian Koivumaa and reviews on Domestika.

Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

Disclosure: This course was provided free to me for this review. When you buy any course through the Domestika affiliate links, I earn some commission at not extra cost to you


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