Visiting Alhambra

Sketched this from the lower cliff side of Alhambra. I wanted to do a panoramic sketch but only had 1 hour.

I only sketched two gray tone pieces inside Alhambra. The place is huge. It took me 3 hours to finish walking through, and doing some sketches. The weather was hot. The sun reflecting off the white marble tiles was so bright I could barely open my eyes.

That's the Palacio de Generalife. Will probably touch up with stronger greens.

Here are some photos from today:


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If you have some time left

If you have some time left you must try the ice-cream shop Los Italianos, it's the best one i have tried ever and it is very centric, right at the end of the Gran Via de Colon, near Colon's statue. Where are you going to be these days? I'd like to see you sketching live xD

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