Update on The Perfect Sketchbook

A few days ago, my friend Erwin has posted some updates The Perfect Sketchbook Kickstarter campaign.

Apparently, many people are comparing the sketchbook with Moleskine and Hand-book.

I have used both of them before, the 60-page A4 watercolour Moleskine sketchbook for my Spain trip and the 128-page Hand-book. I love both of them. But The Perfect Sketchbook is not Moleskine or Hand-book.

Whether or not The Perfect Sketchbook will appeal to you will depend on your sketching or painting style.

If you have used both Moleskine and Hand-book, you will know their limitation. Their paper are not 100% cotton. You have to be careful with multiple glazes because the paper fiber will start to come out. Their paper absorb water well enough but at times the water will still glide on the surface and you will have pooling - not a problem if you collect the water though. So it really depends on your drawing style, or you just work with the limitations. No big deal.

If you have used 100% cotton paper, you will know the quality it represents.

100% cotton paper is not cheap, and the Perfect Sketchbook is not cheap too, even more so when you consider the smaller than A5 size at 5.5 by 3.5 inches (14cm by 9cm). However, you are not going to find many 100% cotton sketchbooks out there, and that's why my friend decided to created The Perfect Sketchbook. Or maybe if you have the time and don't mind the hassle of creating your own sketchbook, you can create a spiral sketchbook like Richard Sheppard.

When I read about the allocation of funds, there's not much or any profit to make the time worthwhile, so I do admire Erwin's tenacity to embark on this project, to create a product that quality-conscious artists might want but could not buy because it doesn't exist.

You can still back The Perfect Sketchbook on Kickstarter before 21 August 2014 at https://kck.st/1xG2Iuz


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