The Sketchup Art of 600v

I've been following 600v (aka ixlrlxi) on deviantART for a long time.

He's a really talented artist from Russia.

He designs and models concept vehicles using Google Sketchup. He's extremely proficient with the software. I also use the software and I can tell you it's not easy to model vehicles or basically surfaces that curve in more than one direction. He seems to do so with ease and elegance. I love his vehicle designs which I find really refreshing and unique. The look great and believable.

Many of his Sketchup models are rendered using Vray or Keyshot. They have a beautiful look that comes from global illumination and raytracing.

Below is a small selection of his work. To see more and in higher resolution, visit

You guys know anyone as good as him with Sketchup?

He also models other subjects like retro radios besides vehicles. He's quite a good illustrator as well.

To see more of 600v's work, visit



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