See you at Amsterdam Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019

Registration and the sale of passes for the Amsterdam Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019 has ended. All the 500 passes were sold out in less than 15 minutes.

On the Facebook page "USk Amsterdam 2019 International Symposium", there were happy people who managed to purchase the workshop passes, and there were also many disappointed people. I've been invited to make videos at the event so thankfully I don't have to compete with others for passes.

It's definitely frustrating if you're one of unlucky ones. If you have decided to buy a pass but did not get one, don't let that stop you from going to the symposium. I'm referring to those who would only go if they have a pass. Even if you're not attending any of the workshops and demos, I can assure you that if you go, it is still going to be an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Urban sketcher Mark Leibowitz from New York shared his thoughts on why you should attend on Facebook. And recently Anne-Laure also recently made a video on why you should go.

Unlike the previous years where Sketching Passes were sold just so you can come and sketch along, this year, it's free for all and everyone is invited. You'll get to sketch with so many like-minded people, in fact, you'll see them everywhere on the street during the symposium days. The excitable energy can be felt in the air. So if you have time to spare, don't miss out on this chance.

If for whatever reasons you can't go, you can still follow the symposium online because I will be posting daily videos on the Urban Sketchers Youtube channel as well as on my Youtube channel. So be sure to subscribe to both channels if you haven't.

Here's a video you can check out to get a feel of what it's like to be at an Urban Sketchers Symposium:

And here are more videos from the urban sketchers symposiums I've went to:



I have to agree with Tina -

I have to agree with Tina - no disrespect to anyone that ever covered usk Symposiums, but Teoh, you do the BEST coverage of events, I am sure at the sacrifice of your own good time! First time I heard of USK Symposium was the Manchester one, thru your youtube channel, as I had just discovered you and your channel. I could barely sleep each night in anticipation of your next symp video, lol!!! It was ALMOST like I was there. So thank you for that, a very belated and deserved thank you! I did not attend Chicago nor Porto for various reasons, but I will make it to Amsterdam in July - really looking forward to meeting you after watching so many of your videos, tutorials and classes :-)

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