Schmincke Watercolour discount on Jackson's Art (July 2020)

Just found out there's a good discount on Schmincke watercolour tubes on Jackson's Art. Prices are really good so do check it out. I'm not sure when the promotion will end though.

The 15 limited edition Super Granulating colours are listed but some are not in stock.

Note that they may not ship to all countries.

Promotion ends on 7 August 2020.

These are colours I recommend if you're new to watercolour:

  1. Lemon Yellow PY3
  2. Transparent Yellow PY150
  3. Yellow Orange PY110
  4. Translucent Orange PO71
  5. Scarlet Red PR254
  6. Magenta PV42
  7. Ruby Red PY19
  8. Cobalt Azure PB35
  9. Cobalt Blue Deep PB74
  10. Ultramarine Finest PB29
  11. Helio Cerulean PB15:3
  12. Transparent Sienna PR101

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