Review: Uperfect Umax 22 display with built-in kickstand

Review unit provided by UPERFECT

UPERFECT is a company that sells portable displays. They have a large variety of displays with different specifications and features to choose from. The downside is their product lines are now quite confusing with product names such as UGame, UXBox, USteam, UPlays, Unify, UFilm, UBegin and more. UGetThePoint.

The UMax 22 and UMax 18 are two of the bigger but still portable displays from the company. The 18.5-inch and 22-inch displays weigh 1.12kg and 1.2kg respectively. Just for comparison purposes, a 22-inch Dell monitor is 2.34kg.

This is my first time testing such a huge and portable display and I'm impressed at how thin and lightweight it is. But of course there are some compromises to such thin form factor.

Items included with the purchase are two USB-C video cables, and one mini HDMI to full-size HDMI cable, and a power adapter. The cables are one metre long.

There's unfortunately no folding case included, nor is there one available for sale through UPERFECT's website. Since there aren't many portable 22-inch displays in the market, carrying cases are difficult to find and the one carrying case (above) for 22-inch pen displays I found on Amazon cost USD 69.

Design of the display is clean and simple with thin bezels. There's no obvious branding anywhere so this could be a white label product, which is not surprising. To elevate the display, I have placed it on a big tablet stand.

If you want to get a tablet stand, get a big one with a latch large enough to hold the thicker base of the display.

There is a 75 x 75mm VESA mount behind so this display can be used with VESA stands or ergonomic arms. The back feels like metal and build quality is solid. The matte texture back is very susceptible to fingerprints which are difficult to wipe off, but they are on the back so it shouldn't be an issue.

The adjustable built-in kickstand is convenient.

I measured colour support for 100% sRGB, 84% NTSC, 88% AdobeRGB, 94% P3 and a maximum brightness of 276 nits. Colour accuracy is pretty good, or at least better than I expected. The maximum brightness could be better though, but still sufficient for use indoors.

In the original review, I mentioned 140 nits maximum brightness. You will need to use the included power adapter or a powerful USB charger to achieve even higher brightness.

The ports available are two USB-C video and mini HDMI. While one USB-C cable connection is possible, you may not be able to run the display at maximum brightness so another cable connected to power is needed. The display can be used with a portable powerbank.

OSB buttons are located on the right side. Some of the buttons have feedback, but some do not, which is strange. The OTG port is an ancient micro-USB. There's also a 3.5mm audio jack. The display actually has speakers but they are on the back pointed upwards, and they sound hollow (not unexpected).

UMax 22 is the better display compared to UMax 18 because it's 1440P vs 1080P. A 22-inch display with 1440P resolution can still produce rather sharp visuals with slight pixelation. A 18.5-inch display with 1080P resolution will have chunky pixels.

If you really want a smaller and more portable display, consider the UPerfect UPlays C2 instead which is quite good.

For MacOS users, note that 22-inch with 1440P resolution is not a good combo because MacOS cannot handle UI scaling well. So MacOS users will need an app called BetterDisplay to handle the UI scaling.


The UPERFECT UMax 22 is a decent display. It's big yet portable and colours look good.

If you happen to need a huge and portable display to bring around, this one is worth considering.

Pros and cons at a glance
+ Clean and simple design with thin bezels
+ 1.2kg for a 22-inch portable display
+ Decent build quality
+ Built-in kickstand is convenient
+ VESA mount support
+ HDMI and USB-C video support
+ 1440P matte display is reasonably sharp
+ 276 nits brightness measured (when connected to USB power)
+ Good viewing angles
+ 100% sRGB, 88% AdobeRGB colour support
- MacOS users will need BetterDisplay app for proper UI scaling
- No carrying case included, or available for sale on UPERFECT website
- USB-C connection will still need another cable for power


You can find the UMax 22 and UMax 18 on UPERFECT's website.

Use coupon code TEOHTECH30 for a $30 discount for purchases above $200.

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