Review: Samsung T5 and T7 external SSD

The Samsung T5 and T7 SSDs are some of the best value external storage devices out there. They have good transfer speeds and, based on the number of reviews on Amazon, they also have good reliability.

It doesn't really make sense to buy Samsung T5 since the pricing for T7 isn't significantly more expensive. At the time of review, you can find Samsung T7 with 1TB at US $89 and 2TB at US $149.

Below are the transfer speeds I was able to get on Mac and Windows.

T5 speed on Windows

T5 speed on Mac

T7 speed on Windows

T7 speed on Mac

The transfer speeds can vary quite significantly depending on whether you're using Mac or Windows.

I have used Samsung T7 to edit 4K 25FPS videos and the transfer speed is fast enough.

Another thing I like about these Samsung SSDs is they don't heat up much and hence don't suffer from heat and throttling.


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