Review: Reckless Deck (Character Design Idea Cards)

Recently, I received two decks of cards called Reckless Deck Vol 1 and Vol 2 from Clark Huggins. Vol 1 has came out for a while and currently there's a Kickstarter campaign going on for Vol 2 (ends 20 April 2017). They set out to raise USD $7,500 and they've already raised more than $40,000.

Each deck has 72 cards.

These are the cards from the Vol 1. The cards are divided into 5 categories, Intrinsic Nature, Modifications, Accessories, Costumes and Weapns. They are also divided into different genres, namely Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Steampunk.

There are some suggestions on how you can use the cards from the instructions provided. But basically, there's no rules. You can just shuffle the cards and pick any 3 and start drawing. Or separate the categories and pick one card from each. Or choose 3 out of 4 random cards. Anything goes.

This is the design of a card from Vol 1. It has the idea in large text, and the categories and genres in smaller symbols and letters. Vol 1 cards have a simpler design.

Card designs from Vol 2 are more flashy and looks cooler.

The logos on the Vol 2 cards are the genres. So that's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Steampunk that's shown above. In addition to all the categories and genres, Vol 2 introduces a new category called Reinvention which asks you to reinvent an existing character.

These are two drawings I drew with ideas created by the cards. With a total 72 cards in each deck, the number of permutations of ideas is... let's just say that you won't run out of ideas to draw again. And that's just from one deck. Two decks will give you 144 cards.

Overall, the cards are definitely helpful to character designers and concept artists. They are also fun and easy to use. They are priced at USD $15 which I think is rather reasonable.

So check out more details of Reckless Deck at

The Kickstarter campaign ends 20 April 2017.

Here's my video review:


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