Review: Parblo PR100 Tablet Stand

Parblo PR100 is a versatile tablet stand that you can use with your laptop, and can also be used as an easel. This stand is so useful I bought two.

The build quality is solid.

On the back is a latch you can use to deploy the stand at various angles.

The feet has two big pieces of rubber for grip. Behind and below the stand are two big pieces of rubber for grip.

On the front at the bottom is this protruding part that will hold your tablet, laptop or whatever you put there.

The back is thin enough that you can clip your paper pad or sketchbook to it.

When using a small sketchbook I like to clip it to the top rather than have it rest at the bottom.

This is the lowest position of the stand.

This is the most upright position where the tablet will not topple over.

The base of the stand (that has the feet) is made of metal and has some weight to it. That helps to keep the stand stable at all times.

I bought two stands because sometimes when I paint or draw, I want to have a reference photo by the side. Using the stand to prop up the tablet with my reference photo makes it easier for me to see.

I also use the tablet often beside my main monitor to prop up my tablet or even my phone.

The stand seems to be well designed and well built. It feels durable and hopefully it can last.

The only downside is the rubber pieces may be affected by humidity and crack. I've been using them for a few months and so far so good. Fingers crossed.

The Parblo PR100 is a versatile stand that has more uses than being used to prop up a tablet. I also use it to hold my 15.6-inch laptop sometimes. And I use it very often as an easel for painting.

The price is around US $40 - 45. It's more expensive compared to other laptop or tablet stands, but it's definitely worth the money. There aren't many tablet stands that can be deployed at whatever angle you want.

So this is a stand I can recommend very easily. 5 out of 5 stars.


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Thank you for the

Thank you for the recommendation of the stand and the review of the drawing tablet on YT. I will use your affiliate link to purchase later. I will add to my Wishlist. How long does the affiliate last as I am not ready to purchase yet? I can always come back to click on again if needed.

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