Review: Ohuhu Marker Pad (150gsm) - 100% bleedproof

Review sample provided by Ohuhu

Ohuhu has just released new marker pads with 150gsm bleed-proof double-sided marker paper in 2024. I've tested the paper and they are indeed totally bleed-proof when used with alcohol inks.

These new marker pads are using paper that's actually treated to work with alcohol inks. This is different from the other black hardcover marker pad with 200gsm paper which even though is thicker but still suffers from alcohol ink bleed-through.

At the time of review, there are only two sizes and formats available:

  • 7.6 x 10 inch spiral bound: USD 18
  • 9 x 12 inch glue-bound: USD 19

Each marker pad comes with 60 sheets of bright white acid-free smooth 150gsm paper.

The spiral bound pad comes with perforated pages that can be removed easily.

The smooth paper works well with alcohol markers.

Pens with non-alcohol ink will not feather on the paper. Just make sure the ink is completely dry before you apply the marker over. Always test your supplies first.

The paper is able to handle multiple layers and blending colours is easy.

Even after multiple layers of alcohol ink are applied, the paper is completely bleed-proof. This is impressive. This is the perfect example of real marker paper. Since there's no bleed-through, you draw or colour on both sides of the paper.

If you leave the point of your alcohol marker or pen, e.g. Sharpie, on the paper for too long, the alcohol ink will feather.

Unfortunately I do not have any coloured markers to test at the time of review as all my markers are in storage as I'm moving house, so I can't test how vibrant colours are on the paper. From what I can see, the paper is bright white and hence colours should appear vibrant.

Pricing of these marker pads is quite reasonable. It's difficult to find 100% bleed-proof marker paper so if you need your paper to be bleed-proof, these are definitely the marker pads to consider. I can recommend these easily.


These marker pads can be found on Ohuhu's website: 7.6 x 10 inch spiral bound | 9 x 12 inch glue-bound

Or on Amazon:
7.6 x 10 inches: US | CA | UK | DE

9 x 12 inches: US | CA | UK | DE

Yupo " paper" is bleed- proof too in case you are interested to work with alcohol markers and as it is semi transparent it gives results similar to those you get when you are painting on parchment ( if you are familiar on how to blend markers). It is also reusable as you can remove the markers' ink with alcohol which also helps to correct mistakes.
You have though to mount the finished work on top of a white piece of paper or bound it with a spiral binding with blank sheets of paper on every other page in case you want it in a skerchbook. But it doesn' t have to be any kind of high quality paper. Photo copy paper does the job because Yupo is actually some kind of synthetic or plastic. It doesn't deteriorate or affected by anything.

That is the reason why I've mentioned. Because it is not particularly well known that Yupo is great for alcohol markers.
I' m not talking about watercolor abstracts or puring with alcohol inks. Check this video to see what I'm talking about but she works on the non transparent Yupo. The transparent one looks even better.

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