Review: M Graham Gouache

M. Graham gouache is available in 35 colours and also sold in set of five with primary colours. The paint is made with pure pigment mixed with honey and gum arabic. There's no chalk or white added.

The main selling point for M. Graham gouache is they are highly pigmented and the honey helps prevent the paint from hardening or cracking.

This five-colour set includes Azo Yellow PY151, Naphthol Red PR112, Cobalt Blue PB28, Ivory Black PBk9, and Titanium White PW6.

The paint comes in 15ml tubes.

The paint is fluid, easy to mix and flows well. Colours are vibrant.

For these three colours, the limitation is the ability to mix bright vibrant purples. The orange and green look vibrant enough.

The paint is quite opaque when used in concentration. You can also add more water and use them as watercolour.

If you use too much paint and paint in layers, chances are you're going to reactivate the bottom layer of paint. So for the sketch above, I actually spray fixative to protect the paint.

The quality of paint is good. This is a good introductory set for beginners. It's actually more expensive compared to the six-colour Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Set that I've reviewed recently. In terms of quality, both are quite similar, but I do notice the honey working to prevent the paint from hardening so that's good.

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