Review: Lululook Rotating Laptop Stand

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This is the rotating and foldable laptop stand from Lululook that can also be used as a tablet stand.

It's a beautiful laptop stand that looks and feels premium. Build quality is solid and the finishing is wonderful. Two colours are available: silver and space gray. Price is US $89.99.

This stand is designed for the Macbooks and may work with other brands of laptops as long as the laptop is not too thick and has a wedged shaped design at the front (shown above).

If your laptop is thick and wedged shaped in front, the laptop holder (above) can't push against the curved or angled part of the laptop. The height of the small laptop holder plate is 7mm. If your laptop has a wedge design, it must be thinner than 7mm when unfolded so that it can be used with this stand.

The Huawei Matebook D 16 (2022) and HP Zbook 15 that I have cannot be used with this stand because those two laptops have the wedge design at the front beneath where the touchpad is.

This laptop stand works well with all Apple Macbooks and laptops that have a flat front side. The Macbook Air (above) I have is wedge shaped but still thinner than 7mm when unfolded and can rest against the laptop holder. And I even have a plastic case on the Macbook.

This laptop stand does not use protruding hooks that go above the palm rest so this means your hands will only be resting on the palm rest and nothing else.

The strong hinge should have no problem holding 13-17-inch laptops and up to 3kg. The strong hinge also means the hinge is quite stiff and needs a lot of force to deploy the stand into the angle you want. The stiff hinge means adjusting the angle often is not easy.

The laptop stand is made of aluminum and all the sides are matted textured and edges are beveled.

At the lowest position, the stand does not touch the base so the stand is unlikely to hit or scratch the base.

Beneath the base is a large piece of rubber with excellent grip on the table. You can rotate the base easily with one hand and there will be audible clicking sounds. The base will hold its position after you stop rotating. Having a rotating base is quite convenient.

The base has a 19.8cm diameter.

The main plate has numerous holds for laptop ventilation. The top is covered by matte textured silicone so it's unlikely to scratch your laptop. The big plate measures 26.8 x 22.8cm.

Shown in this picture is the Lululook foldable iPad Pro stand beside the laptop stand with the Macbook Air on it. The lowest position of the laptop stand is still quite tall.

It is possible to place a tablet on the laptop stand but the tablet cannot deploy perfectly vertical because it may fall forward. Shown in the photo above is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The silicone padding of the plate behind will be visible if you use a smaller tablet, e.g. 11-inch tablet.

If you don't need such a big stand for your heavy tablet, consider the smaller USD 40 rotating stand (shown above) instead which works great for tablets.


This is a well made laptop stand that looks and works great. This is a laptop stand I can recommend easily.

The only area of improvement is the little laptop holding metal plate should be made longer so that it can work with all wedge shaped laptop design which is quite common.

If you're interested to get this laptop stand, you can find it on Lululook online store.

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