Review: Galen Leather mouse pad

Review sample provided by Galen Leather

The Galen Leather mouse pad is a quality product made with 100% vegetable-tanned cow leather. The price is USD 32 not inclusive of shipping.

The size is 8.3 x 9.8 inches (21 x 25 cm) is just right for a mouse pad. Since this is leather, it will develop a nice patina over time. The Galen Leather desk pad that I bought one year is holding up really well, except it has many scratches now. I'm pretty sure the mouse pad will last for a long time.

The mouse pad is hand-stitched using waxed polyamide thread.

The company mentions anti-slip backing but I don't find the anti-slip to be that effective compared to rubber or silicone backing. The mouse pad is not that slippery on my wooden table so it's not a big issue.

This mouse pad is classy and premium. One nice thing about this is it's easier to clean compared to cloth mousepads that gets dirty more easily.

If it's interested to get this mouse pad, you can find it at


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