Review: Escoda Leather Brush Case

Escoda Leather Brush Case

Escoda Leather Brush Case

This is the Escoda leather brush case that I bought at Straits Commercial, an art store in Singapore. I remembered that day when I bought it, the other alternatives were the brush wraps. I thought this one look a bit more substantial compared to those which is why I bought it.

Escoda Leather Brush Case
The outside is made of soft leather and the inside is canvas. The stitching is very well done, and the touch of the surface is smooth. There's zip that helps keep the case close.

Because of the design, the brush case remains roughly the same thickness regardless of how many brushes you put inside. As compare to brush wraps, the thickness depends on the number of brushes held.

With leather, it's easy to clean by just wiping. I like to put the brush case on the ground, so it tends to get dirty easily, but at least the dirt would be embedded onto the leather surface.

Escoda Leather Brush Case

Escoda Leather Brush Case
There are a total of 16 slots for brushes. I managed to squeeze in size 12 but it is really tight. There are only 4 big slots in the middle area but even those are just slightly larger. The advantage is your brushes will be really secured in place. The disadvantage is bigger size brushes will be challenging to put inside.

Escoda Leather Brush Case
There are little slots at the bottom for the tail of the brush.

Escoda Leather Brush Case
Right at the centre is a leather strap that you can pull out, and then you can easily hang your brush case.


After buying this, I realise that I prefer a brush wrap more. I especially like the Tran Canvas brush wrap that I'm currently using.

The Escoda leather brush case is a good case, just that the slots are a bit too tight and aren't flexible enough. As for the price I paid for it, which is quite expensive, I would say that it's not really value for money.

I would recommend this for those who don't mind the price and like leather, and who use short handle brushes at sizes 10 and below.


Jackson's Art Supplies has two sizes: Large 40 by 15cm | Small 28 by 15cm

Check Dick Blick Art Materials (US) too.


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