Review: Benu Green Tattoo fountain pen

First of all, big thanks to Benu Pen for sending over another fountain pen to be featured.

This particular pen is Green Tattoo and belongs to the Tattoo collection that Benu has released recently. As the name suggests, the design is inspired heavily by tattoos.

The pens are available in six colours, namely black, green, blue, red, gray and yellow. Each pen is US $190, not including shipping from Russia which is where the company is based.

I'm not that knowledgeable about tattoo designs so let me just show you the different designs on the pen.

This is the swallow at the top of the cap.



Guns and roses

Sun and the ribbon with the words BENU.

Skull and flames.


Stars at the bottom

There are actually more meaning behind each symbol. And to read more, you can check out Benu's website.

I would consider this to be a medium to large fountain pen. It's 13.5cm without cap, 14.3cm with the cap on, and 17.5cm with the cap posted.

The weight is well balanced. When the cap is posted, it feels slightly heavy on towards the back.

A rather large twist-type piston ink convertor is included.

The nib is a Schmidt nib that's available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

The nib can be dismantled for cleaning easily by twisting.

The pen I had comes with a Fine nib and it writes smoothly. Ink flow is good.

The main selling point really is the design of the pen. The green areas are all textured and the embossed parts are the 3D-looking elements. It feels really nice to hold in hand with the texture. Not sure how easy it would attracted dirt and sweat though.

This is definitely one of those pens that will turn heads and have people asking you about it when seen. So if you're someone who doesn't want attention, this is something to take note off.

I've featured many Benu fountain pens on my blog before and these are some of the more flashy and unique looking pens out there. So if you want a fountain pen that looks different from the crowd, this is a good one to consider.

This pen is available on Benu's website at

Hello! Would you happen to be selling this green BENU tattoo pen? I have a red one and always wanted to grab a couple more later on, only to find out they have discontinued this range! I do not understand why because the visual aesthetic design is excellent (except for the posting of the cap). I am currently posting an ISO post any where I can to seek a green, blue or yellow one. Thank you!

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