Review: Azure fountain pen from BENU's Supreme Collection

I've featured three of their Benu's fountain pens a few months ago. Those were from the Minima and Essence series. Benu Pen has just launched a new series of pen called the Supreme Collection on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo at

To promote the new series of pen, they have sent me one to check out.

This particular model is called Azure, named after the bright blue colour of the cloudless sky.

Azure has the simplest design. The other designs are definitely more beautiful and eye-catching. I like the vibrant splatter paint look of their other pens.

This pen is unlike those from the Minima and Essence series. The Supreme has sort of a cylindrical shape but the top is large than the bottom. So the largest circumference is at the top of the cap. And this time, the cap has a clip, which is so helpful in prevent the pen from rolling around on the table.

The build quality is quite solid. The body is made of non-toxic resin and is said to be very durable and scratch-proof.

The body is glossy. Beneath it looks like some sort of texture. It looks nice but I'm sure there are nicer or more interesting options, such as the ones that I have featured before, namely Silver Galaxy, Blazing Gold and Mystical Green Silver. Now, those are shimmering and look like they have things encrusted within.

Another highlight of the pen is the extra large nib (#6). The nib does look more impressive compared to the smaller nibs from Benu's other fountain pens.

Here's the design of the nib.

It's quite a lightweight pen but it's not too light. Feels comfortable in hand. With the cap on, it's quite long at 16.5cm, and without it's about 13cm.

When you post the cap, the design of the pen looks, to me, a bit weird. Notice the lines going up from the grip, down and then up?

The Supreme comes with an screw-type ink converter. You can also dismantle the feed section, but not the nib, or at least not that I know of.

The nib that I have is a Medium nib. It writes smoothly. Ink flow is good and consistent. Lines appear predictably.

These are sketches that I drew with the pen.

Overall, it's a decent fountain pen that performs well. The highlight to me is actually what's beneath the surface of the pen, the design they use for the body. I find the previous pens that I've featured to be more interesting and eye catching. Azure, by comparison, looks simple. There's still some sparkle beneath the surface but it doesn't catch my attention as much as their more special looking pens.

These are the different options available right now. If I can only choose one, I would pick the flashier design. The $180 design looks mesmerising.

You can find the pen at…

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