Review: Akvarelpapir Watercolour Paper (300gsm)

I'm just testing out a new watercolour pad given to me by a friend.

This is the Akvarelpapir watercolour paper made by Tiger Stores, a Danish variety store or price-point retailer chain.

The paper is 300gsm, acid free, and glued on all sides. There's no unglued portions on the sides unlike other brands of watercolour paper, so removing each piece of work requires using a pen knife to carefully cut the pages free. It's so troublesome and extremely difficult to do so because you have to slice carefully between two pages, and that's if you can see the gap between two pages. That downside alone is a deal breaker.

There's no mention of cotton content but I would say there's none because it felt like cartridge paper. The surface is almost hotpress with the lack texture.

t's not easy to control the water because the paper doesn't seem particularly absorbent. So it's best not to use lots of water. It works very well with pen and ink though.

I felt that the paper somehow dulls down the colours as well, even though the paper's bright white.

It should not be easy to find this paper online because it's sold by Tiger Stores. And that's a good thing. Even the cheap Daler Rowney Aquafine is better.

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