Pixar's Up and Monsters Inc (Blu-ray) arriving on Nov 10

Pixar's Up DVD and Monsters Inc Blu-ray

They are finally going to be out on discs on 10 Nov 2009.

Pixar's Up is also going to be available in Blu-ray, which is the version I'm getting. There are 4 discs! I can't wait to watch the behind-the-scenes documentaries — always my favourite part of the disc.

The DVD version has only 1 disc which features two shorts, Dug's Special Mission and Partly Cloudy. There is a two-disc edition but the second disc holds only the digital copy.

Looks like Disney is trying to push people — maybe more of Pixar fans — over to Blu-ray. Either that or they are trying to piss off Pixar fans who don't have a Blu-ray player. It's probably more of the latter. They can spend the effort to create a digital copy DVD but not another disc with the behind-the-scenes documentary. It sounds pretty ridiculous to me. If I don't already have a Blu-ray player, I will be very unhappy.

Monster's Inc Blu-ray is also coming out on the same day, after lagging behind the Japanese release for a few months. It seems like they have added a few more documentaries on the discs. Awesome!

28 Oct update: Amazon's taking $10 off if you get both Up and Monsters Inc Blu-rays together.

You can check out more details on the disc releases on Amazon. It's coming out in US and Canada first.

Up (4-disc Blu-ray combo pack):
Amazon.com | Amazon.ca

Up (Single disc widescreen DVD):
Amazon.com | Amazon.ca

Up (Two disc deluxe with digital copy DVD):
Amazon.com | Amazon.ca


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