Peggy Wong's DIY Compact Watercolor Box

A few weeks ago, I received cute and compact watercolour box from my friend Peggy Wong (Instagram | Flickr).

This is a watercolour palette box that she has made herself. The metal box is some off the shelf tin can. The plastic palettes and mixing areas are created with 3D printing.

The 3D printer allows her to easily print out her designs.

The mixing area has grooves on the side that can be attached to the side of the tin box.

On one side are 2 mixing wells, and on the other is a large one. So you get to choose which you prefer.

The 3D printer probably wasn't able to print at high resolution, so there are horizontal textures running across the printed parts. They don't affect mixing in anyway though.

And this is the mixing area on the tin lid that's sprayed with enamelled paint to make it white.

Here's her box compared with the Winsor & Newton Bijou box and a standard 12 half pan watercolour box.

I don't use such small palettes often because the mixing space is too small for my liking. That's why I prefer standard 12 half pan boxes. Peggy's box is not doubt extremely compact. It holds enough paint for colouring small sketchbook pages for a day, but for larger pieces, a larger palette and more paint would be more suitable of course.

Peggy told me that she's still refining her design and currently has no plans to sell it yet.

Check out this video review I made for the box.


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I neeeed it! This is really

I neeeed it! This is really cool! I have a lot of compact palette designs I have put together but mixing space has been my one stumbling block that I haven't been able to work out for most of them yet.

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