Last day in Barcelona, and now in Granada

Right now, I'm in Granada. Tomorrow I'm visiting the Alhambra. Visiting very old places always gives me a sense of wonder. I always imagine what it's like for those people who built those places, and how they lived at that time. The sketch was drawn from Calle San Nicolas, a beautiful place with houses built in undulating manner on a small hill.

This is today's second sketch. I spent 2.5 hours on this. I wanted to colour it but ran out of time — had to go for dinner. That's Baños Arabes de Granada, an open area near my hotel Monjas Del Carmen. According to the temperature signs around, it was 39 degrees. I was sitting in deep shade which is more cooling. There's a water fountain right in front so it's quite safe. I saw someone taking a bath in the fountain though, and there were people using the water for washing clothes and shoes.

I still have about 20 pages left in my 4 Moleskine sketchbook. So far, I've been impressed by the paper quality. It handles watercolour quite well. I didn't use multiple layered washes though.

Alright, will blog again tomorrow.

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