Kreta Ayer (16 Jun 2014)

These are two sketches from today at Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore.

This was drawn on the second floor of the block opposite. I like the view from this angle. The idea is to capture the shophouses with the temple in the background.

I'm still using the 14-pan Kremer Pigments watercolour box. I'm starting to get the hang of the colours.

This piece was painted with the colours Permanent Yellow Medium, IrgazineĀ® Ruby, Cobalt Blue Dark, Phthalo Green Dark and Burnt Umber Dark Brown.

Specific choice of Ruby and Pthalo Green are included so that a deep dark can be mixed. And as usual, the intense granulation you see is from the Cobalt Blue Dark. The texture and gradation provides visual interest.

This piece is also a repaint of one sketch that I drew last year which I wasn't very satisfied with:

The temple at the back is the Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple.

For this piece, I tried a desaturated colour scheme with Titanium Orange, Venetian Red, Cobalt Blue Light, Phthalo Green Dark and Burnt Umber Dark Brown. Basically, I swapped the three primary colours. It's a muted scheme which I quite like. The thing to note is, it's difficult to get deep darks.

It's a rather similar scheme that I used for sketched Beatty Lane last month.


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