January 2022 Roundup

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Below are the artbooks and products featured in January 2022.


  1. Color First, Ink Later: A Dynamic Approach to Drawing and Painting on Location
  2. Le Pater: Alphonse Mucha's Symbolist Masterpiece and the Lineage of Mysticism
  3. Panoramas and Vertical Vistas: Techniques for Drawing on Location from Unexpected Perspectives
  4. Fashion illustration: Outfit of the Day
  5. Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook
  6. Marvel by Design

Product reviews

  1. XP-Pen Deco LW pen tablet (Bluetooth)
  2. Onyx Boox Nova Air e-Reader
  3. PRISM+ Nomad Ultra 4K 16 (portable OLED display)
  4. PRISM+ Nomad 16 (portable LCD display)
  5. Lenovo Tab P12 Pro with Precision Pen 3
  6. Huion Kamvas Pro 16 (2.5K)
  7. Etchr Watercolour Sketchbook (100% cotton)
  8. Rembrandt watercolour brush (series 100)
  9. Lenovo Precision Pen 3 (Note Taking Performance)

Online courses

  1. Sketchnoting 101: Drawing as a Communication Tool

Youtube videos

  1. Etchr Watercolour Sketchbook (review)
  2. Flinders Street Railway Station sketch
  3. Foreshortening sketching tutorial
  4. Creating watercolour splatter marks with my clip

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