Intuos 4 is released


It was just released a few days ago. Don't think I'll be getting since my Intuos3 is still serving me very well.

Below are some photos I found on Flickr

Wacom has also been floating some videos of professional artists using their tablet on Youtube. Below's one of them, the rest you can view on Wacom's channel on Youtube.

You can check out more details at and on the following Amazon sites. | |



No need to worry: You can

No need to worry: You can turn the Intuos4 the way you prefer it and the text in the OLEDs are turn able as well - perfect for left handed people. :)

I wanted to buy a Intuos3 A5 Wide SE, but it was sold out everywhere. Now I realize how lucky I was ^^

But to everyone who wants to buy one: They are a bit smaller than they used to be! So you may want to buy a bigger version then you actually planed -> old A5 wide is now A5 (M) "Letterboxed"... sort of..., so better buy the A4 (L) Version instead.

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