If you want to be a content creator, be one, don't be a beggar

How often do you see people spamming links and asking others to check out their website in the comments section of whatever social media side you're using? All the time.

Asking people to visit your website in the comments section is just wasting your time, the same time that you can spend to create content.

If you want to be a content creator, be one, don't be a beggar.

If you want to link to your site, at least make sure your link can actually help people. Otherwise it's no different stuffing flyers in someone else's hand and we all know where that flyer is going... into the trash.

You're not going to get any meaningful results by spamming links in the comments section, so you better don't waste seconds, days, months, your life doing so.

Don't know how to get people to. your site? Go read some internet marketing articles I've written over the years.

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Hi Teoh. I expect I've put

Hi Teoh. I expect I've put links to my blog in comments on your website or on YouTube at some point. If I have, they're (touch wood) not begging comments that do nothing but ask people to check out my blog though. If I ever put a link in the comments, it should only be to a specific post that builds on the conversation where, for example, I've tried out the same technique as you or reviewed the same book. I hope that's OK - apologies if it's not. Feel free to call me out if you ever do see a begging comment from me. Keep up the good work.

I report those as spam.

I report those as spam. Probably doesn't do any good.

We did get one spammer using a hashtag inappropriately stopped but it took a year of reporting them. By "we" I mean the company whose name was the hashtag and us, their loyal customers.

I am glad to hear that also

I am glad to hear that also art professionals do not enjoy such comments. I paint as hobby and I have a IG profile, of course I’m happy if people like my art, but as soon as someone writes “fantastic piece, check my IG…” I understand they just seek new followers and their comment on my art was probably not genuine.

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