I Don't Think Instagram is Good For Artists

I can relate to all the points UK illustrator Holly Exley said about using Instagram as an artist.

Watch this and leave a comment on her Youtube page to let us know what you think.

This is so true. Instagram and other social media applications can foster such a toxic environment for so many people.

So you encourage people to comment on one social platform about the reasons why they would abandon an other one?! lol
Social media platforms are not good for artists. All social media platforms. Because these platforms are designed with the sole purpose to keep their users locked in the platform, and the way to do that, is to force those who use these platforms to use them continuously.

But how can an artist "float" in an ocean of posts when the posters of these posts are forced to publish continuously new content in order to remain relevant?
And what is the audience of all these posts after all? And how many people of this audience are able to view all the content, of all these individual artists, who are trying continuously to post something "new"?

If you think a little about it, social media's content is massively produced. But Art ( all kinds of art) stand on the opposite side of mass production. Real art is not and can not be massively and repeatedly produced because art is all about each and every individual's self expression.
So the moment someone gets into the trip to produce in mass all this content, ( posts, artworks, stories - you name it) stops producing art. S/he starts producing content, that as a word, term or idea is so impersonal and indifferent that nobody actually ends up interested to pay any attention on it.

Social media is the way to make artists devalue their work and themselves because ουκ εν το πολλώ το ευ Teoh ( the quality isn’t found in quantity).

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