February 2020 Reviews Roundup

Here are all the reviews from February 2020!


  1. How to Think When You Draw with Lorenzo Vol 1 & 2
  2. Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook
  3. The Urban Sketching Handbook: Drawing with a Tablet
  4. Secrets of the Traveling Sketcher
  5. Offline Journal: An Illustrated Guide for a more Connected, Creative Life
  6. How to Paint Landscapes Quickly and Beautifully in Watercolor and Gouache
  7. The Art of Concrete Genie
  8. Wonder: The Art and Practice of Beatrice Blue
  9. Creative Watercolor: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners by Ana Victoria Calderon

Product reviews

  1. Asus PA32UCX Mini LED 4K HDR monitor
  2. Wacom One 13.3-inch pen display
  3. Watercolour Black Compared
  4. Platinum Preppy fountain pen

Youtube videos

  1. One Point Perspective: Seah Street Sketch (Timelapse)
  2. Surface Laptop vs Surface Book 2 (Artist Designer Review)
  3. Waterproof Inks That Are Safe for Fountain Pens
  4. Is the ASUS PA32UCX display worth US $3999? (review)
  5. LIVE Chat & Watercolour Swatching (Feb 2020)
  6. How Wilfred Made His Childhood HDB Flat From Cardboard
  7. Beach Road Towers (Sketch Tutorial)
  8. Are fountain pens necessary for watercolour sketching?
  9. Review: Wacom One 13.3" Pen Display
  10. Black Watercolour Compared
  11. Sketching Victoria Theatre
  12. Secrets of Traveling Sketcher by Kwan Yuen Tam (book review)
  13. Sketching with black and blue inks
  14. Sketchbook Tour with Sathyapriya
  15. Review: Platinum Preppy fountain pen

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