Drawing Contest #1: Animals in Competitive Sports

Update: This contest is now closed. Check out the entries!

Alright, the first ever drawing contest on Parka Blogs is here! To participate, you'll have to draw something.


The first challenge will be related to character design. The theme is animal(s) in a competitive sport environment. It can be any animal in any sport.

For example, it can be a rhinoceros extreme skiing down a snow capped mountain, turtles in synchronized swimming, ostriches doing the Tour de France, a snake playing snooker, etc.

It's up to you and what you can imagine. Draw it in your own style, be it realistic, vector, stylised, manga or whatever.

No mutations please. Things like werewolves (man and wolf) is out.


Here are some tips to make your illustrations stand out.

1. Do some research on animals. They have features and anatomy that make them look unique.
2. Creating a strong silhouette will make your character look more interesting.
3. Use action shots to let people know what's happening. That's expressive anatomy or gesture drawing.


There are two sets of prizes.

Set A below will be for the winner chosen by judge(s), who is me and whoever I can find. You'll get to choose one of the three prizes when you win.

Set B below will be for the winner with the highest number of votes, the most popular piece that is. You'll get to choose one of the two prizes.


  • Contest name: Animals in Competitive Sports
  • Deadline: 7 May 2010, Friday
  • Image size: 1024 px wide
  • Colour mode: RGB
  • File format: JPEG, maximum quality
  • Each person is limited to three entries (if you're up to it)
  • This giveaway is open to all and where Amazon can ship to.
  • Two winners will be chosen, one by jury and one by voting.
  • Results will be announced one week after the deadline.

In the case that both the winners are the same, I'll give the Set B prize to the second most popular (voted) illustration.

Delivery notes:
You can either send your file as an attachment using email or provide me with an URL to your image file.

Send it to parkablogs at gmail dot com with the subject "Animals in Competitive Sports".

Other information required:

  • Real Name
  • Credit line (if different from real name)
  • Website address (if any)
  • Email

If you have any questions, just let me know via the comments section.

That's all.

Have fun!



Awesome! I bought Daily Zoo 1

Awesome! I bought Daily Zoo 1 the other day because of your review! interesting competition, hope to get something done for it.

Worried about the voting, which could turn into a mass begging to friends to come and vote for us, but hey, I'm game.

Hi, First off, I'd like to


First off, I'd like to say your blog is excellent, Parka! It has really helped me. Thanks for taking the time to create it. :)

This contest looks like so much fun! I am just a beginner artist, but I think this would be a great experience. I was just wondering, can we use reference photos from the internet to help us, including photos of our chosen animal and the type of sport? In addition, would it be alright if we studied books on animal character design to help us?


Just the outcome of the image

Just the outcome of the image compression. I sent a jpg file to my friend and then a pdf and compared them side by side. There was not contest, pdf won hands down. Jpg just totally ruined the picture because it pixelated so much.

Ps. I sent the file. Did you get it ok? If you need it, I can send you a jpg too, but I think you will agree that the pdf will be much nicer looking.

Hi Parka!! First of all,

Hi Parka!!
First of all, congratulations for this site! I´ve discovered fantastic books that aren´t published in my country (god bless amazon).

I have a question about the deadline of the contest:
do we have to send the drawings before 7th of may or can we send them during that last day too?

We´ll have to send them to parkablogs@gmail.com right?

Thank you!!
(and sorry for my english)

first off, love your blog!

first off, love your blog! it's so wonderful for picking out what art books to buy :)

question on the contest: when exactly is the deadline? friday night at midnight? also which time zone is designating friday night? ^_^;

First of all, big fav of your

First of all, big fav of your reviews! And of course I had to enter this contest :D I'm just a young artist, so I'm not expecting to win anything, but still it will be great experience and I can't wait to see the other entries.
Keep up with the great work :D

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