The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry - And How To Protect Yourself From It

Adam Duff gives advice to artists who are in or want to be in the video game industry.

It's a must watch even if you're not in the video game industry.


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I have mixed feelings on the

I have mixed feelings on the attitude of this guy. In some of the incidents that he describes he was the one who was right.... in some other his employees were those who were right.

The dark side of game industry is the dark side of any other industry, including editions, graphic arts, printing, magazines, newspapers, fine art - you name it. ( I have made a pass from most of these).
The point is to draw- as an artist and employee- a fine line between the demands of your employer and plain unreasonable bullying.

Some people can but some other people simply can't, for their own reasons, withstand and react to the various bullying attitudes, direct or indirect and that is when things get really messed up.

My advice is not to accept bullying of any kind. Say yes to constructive criticism though, which you should not take personally. Don't be snowflakes on regard of your work quality.

Your employer has the right to know and demand what he wants from you because he pays you for your skills in order to cover his business needs. Your employer hires you because he wants certain things from you, because that is his company, that is his business and creative plan. Don't go to a job with the attitude to change this.

But say a big NO to any kind of bullying.
These are two completely different things that are easy to identify and react accordingly.

Anyway.. regarding what this guy says on his video, I found some of his reactions unreasonable and if he behaved this way in my own company, or under my own supervision, I would have definitely fired him on spot. It is a different thing to protect your ground and a completely different thing to get offended by the opinion of those who pay you and expect from you very specific things.

If you can't get on with this... then go and start your own business.

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