Book Review: World War Robot Volume 2

Book Review: World War Robot Volume 2

World War Robot is back. I've not read the first volume and this copy is borrowed from my colleague. It's a 48-page oversize art book.

The theme is that of epic war between humans and robots. It's rare to see robots painted with traditional medium, and withsuch textures as Ashley Wood has done so here. Earthly tones for colours are used, dark and bleak, creating a heavy and solemn atmosphere. The robot designs have the believability as if they were constructed from the World World II period. It's like war in a parallel universe, one where soldiers like to wear gas masks.

The narrative comes in the form of letters and notes from soldiers reporting on the field. There's even one written by a sex slave to her mum. It gives us a little glimpse of what's happening on the battlefield, as most of the war portraits don't show any blood (or oil) spilling.

Fans who enjoy Ashley Wood's style would probably like this book.

You can check out more art from Ashley Wood at

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