Book Review: Violent Pink

Violent Pink - 01

Thanks to Gallery Nucleus for sending me this artbook for review. They recently had a launch of this book in May until 5 June 2016. This is a large format 80-page paperback.

Violent Pink is created by Perry Maple, Richard Chang and Eastwood Wong.

Violent Pink takes the form of a heroine in three different incarnations as imaged by the three different artists. And there's also a Violent Villain. The book is more stylized than actually violent though.

Pink and violet are the common colours and the use of them throughout is quite masterful. The colour scheme works nicely and never seem too jarring, but always look quite stylish. The fulllpage illustrations are beautiful, or maybe pretty is a more appropriate description. Each artwork depicts the scene as determined by the theme for that chapter. You get to see some storyboards too.

You can check out the book on Gallery Nucleus' website at

It's limited edition so if you want it, get it fast.

Violent Pink - 02

Violent Pink - 03

Violent Pink - 04

Violent Pink - 05

Violent Pink - 06

Violent Pink - 07

Violent Pink - 08

Violent Pink - 09

Violent Pink - 10

Violent Pink - 11

Violent Pink - 12

Violent Pink - 13

Violent Pink - 14

Violent Pink - 15

Violent Pink - 16


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