Book Review: Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film

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This art book is way thicker than I expected. It's 256 pages in a wide format hardcover. Nice.

Zack Synder's previous films (300, Watchmen, Legend of the Guardian) have a thing for CGI and Sucker Punch is not exception.

This art book (and film) is like a pop culture hurricane. There girls with guns and blades, robots, orcs, castles, machine gun welding giant samurais, dragons, zombies, orcs, castles, theater and brothel. All these are from the vivid imagination of the lead, Babydoll.

The visuals in the book is a mixture of photos and art. There aren't much character art for the girls with the exception for Babydoll which has more (but in manga style). The art is various (few) alternate costumes. What you have is lots of stunning photography that ranges from the I'm-cute-and-I'm-in-an-asylum look to the I'm-going-to-kill-you-with-my-gun-and-dark-eye-shadows portraits. I like the idea large two-page portrait but unfortunately the photos aren't sharp enough at that size.

There are more art for other characters, such as the awesome samurai who likes big guns, Meka (yes, a mecha), soldiers, knights, a generic looking dragon, robots, zombies and orcs who look like cousins from their LOTR counterpart. Other art includes the sets like the castle, the mental institution, cathedral, city and Japanese temple. There are also miscellaneous stuff like the flying bomber and weapons (few). Most of the art looks digitally created.

Commentary is rather sparse other than the captions. Zack Synder seems to be the author. It would be better if there were more insights on the art which is what is lacking.

Overall, the book is a very decent art companion and is well worth the price.


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I was thinking whether or not

I was thinking whether or not to get this book as the trailer looks an awesome visual feast. I dont care for the movie at all, but thought the art book would be decent...and damn it, it is. Thanks for the review parka.. thats another book bought...

Just picked this gem up.

Just picked this gem up. SUCKER PUNCH is my most anticipated film. ZACK SNYDER is my favorite director / visionary artist besides DEL TORO. I'm all about strong art direction, heavy stylization, & fusions. SUCKER PUNCH is the pinnacle of all of these. I don't even care if the film doesn't end up being that good... the concept, art, & style will make it 100% worth it. If only every creator unleashed their full imagination with no limits. This book is actually waaay better than most movie's artbooks. I simply can't wait for the midnight screening..

Wow! You beat me. I was

Wow! You beat me. I was really looking forward to reviewing this book before you, for the contest and for my website. I have really been looking forward to the release of this book and ordered it to arrive ASAP. I am still waiting, though it should arrive this afternoon.

Parka, I visit your site daily and I am a huge fan. You have helped me find a new hobby that I can share with my family and that brings me delight every day. I have been amassing a rather large book collection, thanks to you. There are so many books I would have never heard of or discovered if you did not do this. Thank you.

Because of enjoyment, I have started to work on my own blog, which I hope to get up and running soon to share my own reviews. Not to compete, but because I truly love these books. I have a good reads account and a facebook account now too, because I find them good ways to find more books and connect with others and learn about other books. I grew up in an area where a lot of art was not acceptable and there was no outlet to create art or even find it, if it wasn't classical in nature or of a suitable style.

One of the best parts of all of this is that I have found a new hobby in which I have always liked, but never felt like I measured up - art. I drew a lot when I was little and never considered it as a career. I gave up painting in high school, because we were forced to do projects that the teacher made us do. Never being allowed to work on mediums or topics that were not approved of or familiar to the teacher, (sci-fi and fantasy / computer). I gave it up. Now some 20 years later, with the discovery of all these different styles and the huge variety of work, I realize that I could fit in and even enjoy my taste in art. I share a lot of my love of this stuff with my children, who eat it up and are interested in art as well. The best part is, that I can now see possibilities with my art, that really make me happy and make me very happy. It may seem odd, bit I owe a lot of this to you and your reviews. Thank you thank you.

Hi. Did you buy the book from

Hi. Did you buy the book from amazon? How long did it take to be delivered? It says1-2 months on the page though im hoping that's an overestimation. im living in singapore too. I'll probably order this after watching the movie. Great review btw :)

The movie was only good for

The movie was only good for visual effects, clothes design, and the soundtrack but that's it. It was terrible. Young woman being objectified, degraded, killed, and sexually assaulted, disguised as empowering girls fighting in battle in imagination land. And so much slow motion, ugh. Some parts I was thinking just hurry up and attack already!

In reality, they weren't smart or strong enough to save themselves. BUUUUT.... they try to make the imagined part make up for it because, "Explotions and sLo motion iz lik uber kool!" I'm sure lots of teenage boys and weebos will like this movie though.

I really thought it would be great. Zak Snyder, you disappoint me.

Late response but yeah, it

Late response but yeah, it was terrible and proof that all the pretty art in the world means nothing when it exists in a vacuum. Everything about this film was just excruciatingly puerile and hackneyed.

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