Book Review: Structura 2

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This is a nice sequel to the first Structura art book. It's slightly thicker with more content.

This book focuses on concept art for sci-fi and environment. There are spaceships flying off from the many sleek locations conceived by Sparth. The environment paintings are mainly of desolate but exotic landscapes.

I notice he likes to use a lot of dark colours and black to make other colours stand out. Even for the cover, it's mostly black with blue tint as colour.

Some illustrations use a different but refreshing style. There are some experimental sketches done using Alchemy drawing software which look very much like manga style because of the outlines. Those look great. There are also some beautiful paintings created using just squares and rectangles.

The last chapter features 4 insightful examples complete with steps showing his process.

This is another delightful art book. Recommended to those who like of sci-fi and environment art.

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