Book Review: Star Wars Chronicles

Star Wars Chronicles

This book is very similar to Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequel which I reviewed before. That book is for Episodes I, II and III. This book is for Episodes IV, V and VI.

At 320 pages, this is an enormous book. It's encased in a slipcase cardboard with cutouts to reveal the cover behind. It's very well bind, and the paper stock is great. The first print was back in 1997 and the second in 2006. It might be hard to find this book but I'm sure it will be back for more reprints.

This book is no doubt the most complete and exclusive collection compiled for Star Wars. These materials include -- huge breath in -- hundreds of behind the scenes photos, film stills, models of ships, character designs, miniatures, character models, robots, creatures, props, costumes -- another long breath in -- vehicles, planets, plot lines and anything you can think of. The captions are detailed and explain the concept behind every picture provided.

The photos included show a lot of detail on the subject. Multiple shots are often taken from each side, especially so for vehicles. Every photo is captioned and explained. There is very little concept art, but for that you have to get the art-of series of books.

In addition to the core Episodes, there is also archive information on The Star Wars Holiday Special, The Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

It's the most comprehensive book detailing everything about everything in a movie.

The price might be hefty, but it is well worth it for any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Chronicles - 01

Star Wars Chronicles - 02

Star Wars Chronicles - 03

Star Wars Chronicles - 04

Star Wars Chronicles - 05

Star Wars Chronicles - 06

Star Wars Chronicles - 07

Star Wars Chronicles - 08

Star Wars Chronicles - 09

Star Wars Chronicles - 10

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