Book Review: Spectrum 15

Book Review: Spectrum 15

Spectrum is a an art annual that sends out invitations to artists for their work to be featured in the book. Only a selected few, the best, have their work chosen.

In Volume 15, the judges are Justin Sweet, Daren Bader, Frank Cho, Tim Bodendistel and Kelly Seda.

The list of winners are on and the full list of artists here.

As for the art, they are gorgeous. The variety is incredible and are created with different mediums. They are grouped into different categories, namely Advertising, Book, Comics, Concept Art, Dimensional (sculptures and models), Editorial, Institutional and Unpublished.

Since these are published yearly, the illustrations featured are all recent. I'm an art book collector and I find myself going,"Oh, oh, I hope he/she's going to release an art book!" while going through the pages.

There are actually 264 pages instead of the 248 pages listed on Amazon. Nice.

This is perhaps the best valued art annual around.

Spectrum 15 - 01

Spectrum 15 - 02

Spectrum 15 - 03

Spectrum 15 - 04

Spectrum 15 - 05

Spectrum 15 - 06

Spectrum 15 - 07

Spectrum 15 - 08

Spectrum 15 - 09

Spectrum 15 - 10

Spectrum 15 - 11

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