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Span is a book of interesting spaces and places of graphic imagery and installation art.

The designs are creative and fun looking. It's quite unusual and surprising to see them used in some places, especially in homes. The one I like best is the lounge bar that has undulating surroundings and ocean lights cast from the top.

This book is like a trip to graphics wonderland.

Book description from Amazon:

The book features a variety of graphic elements and their applications in different spaces. The visual elements do not only display the philosophy of spatial decoration, but also create a great interaction with audience, providing many insights into the visual relationship between graphics and space. With the use of different motifs in different spatial situations, this book shows the powerful effect of graphics in creating a certain atmosphere. Suitable as a reference in almost all instances, the selected projects encompass installations, stands, interior graphics, exterior graphics and wall coverings. A reinvention of graphics and space, Span offers a unique visual experience to readers.

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