Book Review: SilverFin: The Graphic Novel (Young Bond)

Book Review: SilverFin: The Graphic Novel (Young Bond)

First off, I must declare that I'm not really a James Bond fan. This graphic novel didn't change anything.

Silverfin is the first of a series to look into the life of young James Bond. This is where everything's going to start. There are some spoilers in my review.

It seems like James Bond has enemies everywhere he goes. Even on the first day at Eton, he made one very quickly by bumping into him. Guess what? His enemy happens to be the son of the bad guy. How predictable can it get? A string of events eventually lead him to the secret laboratory where evil experiments are carried out. There's a fight, of course, and James Bond wins.

Yes, there's some character development. You can gradually see James Bond growing up, turning tough. But it doesn't really save the simple story that lacks the thrill or mystery. I thought James Bond is about spies? The only spying here is him with his friend looking at the facility through binoculars and sneaking into the premises. I'll give him a break here since he's not really a spy yet.

The more important thing is at the end, I still don't know the motivation for James Bond to become a spy. Granted this might be the first book of the series, but still it doesn't say much of anything. It certainly doesn't entice me to read the second. I'm pretty glad that this book was lent to me by a colleague.

I won't recommend this book but I'm not a James Bond fan.

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