Book Review: Sci-Fi Art Now

Sci-Fi Art Now

Sci-Fi Art Now features a cool gallery of sci-fi art from various artists. There are seven chapters that covers robots, aliens, spaceships, cities, warfare, space girls and steampunk. The quality of art is great, and the variety is good, ranging from manga style to 3D modeling to paintings. The scenes and ideas are interesting and comes with a short description from the artists.

Nice book for fans of sci-fi art.

Do not mistake the other book Sci-Fi Art: A Graphic History as being part of the series. The other book covers more on the history of sci-fi art.

This book is published by two publishers, namely Harper Design and Ilex. The prices for the books are different. They have different cover art - Ilex has a flying gorilla and Harper Design has a yellow space alien girl. Both are 128-page hardcover.

Sci-Fi Art Now - 01

Sci-Fi Art Now - 02

Sci-Fi Art Now - 03

Sci-Fi Art Now - 04

Sci-Fi Art Now - 05

Sci-Fi Art Now - 06

Sci-Fi Art Now - 07

Sci-Fi Art Now - 08

Sci-Fi Art Now - 09

Sci-Fi Art Now - 10

Sci-Fi Art Now - 11

Sci-Fi Art Now - 12

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