Book Review: Monsters, Miracles & Mayonnaise

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My friend Andrew Tan (aka Drewscape) has just released his new comic book called Monsters, Miracles & Mayonnaise. It's an indie comic collecting short stories from his imagination and life. So it's a mixture of fantasy and personal tales.

He's a freelance illustrator based in Singapore. I met him during one of those sketchwalks. He's also writing some of the art product reviews here.

My favourite one from the fantasy stories would be The Giggly Floating Fish. It's about this salary man with an obsession for collecting new thingys - probably inspired by his real life addiction to buy art materials. So this man's mission is to find this Giggly Floating Fish that has some special powers. The story is sort of a cross between Shaun Tan's world with imaginative creatures and Doraemon's wacky adventures. It's an amusing read.

The personal stories are great too. Many are of his childhood memories. It could be him finding an uninvited guest inside in his shoes, changing water bottles with a girl, getting beaten up by an ex-colleague, or the one where he learns how to drive. The storytelling is natural, personal and reveals a bit about himself. Most importantly, there's sincerity.

As far as Singapore comics go, this is a good book. The stories are good. They have heart, especially the personal ones. If you live in Singapore, it's something you can relate to. If you're a foreigner, you can get a taste of life here through the pages.

He uses a different drawing style for all the stories with his tools are listed behind.

Highly recommended.

The book is currently sold on and other bookstores in Singapore.

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