Book Review: Mesmo Delivery

Mesmo Delivery

Book description from Dark Horse:

When the Mesmo Delivery truck rolls into town a heap of trouble is sure to follow. Eisner Award-winning artist Rafael Grampa (5, Hellblazer) makes his full-length comics debut with the critically acclaimed graphic novel Mesmo Delivery - a kinetic, bloody romp starring Rufo, an ex-boxer, Sangrecco, an Elvis impersonator, and a rag-tag crew of overly confident drunks who pick the wrong delivery men to mess with. Mesmo Delivery features an extended sketchbook section from creator Rafael Grampa and pin-ups from top comics creators Eduardo Risso, Mike Allred, Craig Thompson, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon. also includes an introduction from Brian Azzarello.

Not to give too much away (there's not much to giveaway anyway), let's just say it's a stylized violent piece of comic that ends pretty quickly. The plot is really simple, or more accurately, the plot exists only for the purpose of setting up the violent showdown. It's not a book you get for the story but for the art if you like the style.

The book's only 80 pages and the comic took up 58. The rest are concept sketches and commentary.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Mesmo Delivery - 01

Mesmo Delivery - 02

Mesmo Delivery - 03

Mesmo Delivery - 04

Mesmo Delivery - 05

Mesmo Delivery - 06

Mesmo Delivery - 07

Mesmo Delivery - 08

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