Book Review: Mecha Zone 1.5

Mecha Zone 1.5 - 01

David White has just reworked his first art book Mecha Zone into Mecha Zone 1.5. He has kindly sent me a copy of the book to share with readers here.

Here's the trailer he created for the book.

Mecha Zone was sold out years ago, and with the help of a kickstarter project, he managed to get the second edition out.

The book is a 96-page hardcover with a nice emboss. The content here is all different from Mecha Zone 2 that I reviewed earlier.

The gallery features mainly humanoid-type of mechas. There are a few heavy walkers but book 2 features them more prominently.

Some of the mechas have more organic design and I find those more unique. It's something different from the usual block-like mecha designs.

It's a nice book for mecha fans and designers.

You can buy the book at and . There's a discount if you get it with Mecha Zone 2.

Mecha Zone 1.5 - 02

Mecha Zone 1.5 - 03

Mecha Zone 1.5 - 04

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Mecha Zone 1.5 - 06

Mecha Zone 1.5 - 07

Mecha Zone 1.5 - 08

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