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Flamboyant art book

If you like hot anime girls, this is the art book for you.

Ugetsu Hakua is an exceptional character design artist. It is strange though that he only design female characters, not that anyone's complaining. His costume design is fantastic, always elaborate and sexy.

Inside the book are full page high resolution poster style illustrations, with occasional 2-page spreads. The technical skills in line work and colouring is top notch, and composition wonderful. There's incredible detail put into every part of the drawing.

The book I have in hand is a Japanese print, with only 90 pages. The one published by Digital Manga Publishing has 100 pages. I don't know what's missing here. The colour reproduction is amazing. Too bad there's no hardcover version for it.

This book is pure eye candy. Highly recommended if you're into anime art books or female character designs.

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I had recently found out that

I had recently found out that this kinda book exists by doing a extensive search, mostly for Phantasy Star Online content, and as I started to read more about it. As I read more, I became very intrigued and decided I had to have this book. But of course, Barnes & Noble wanted to charge me the full price, I was kinda discouraged. But boy was I surprised when I saw it on Amazon for much cheaper. I just wanted to let you know it was your review, as well as my interest, that got me to buy this book.

In the mean time, I'll be patiently waiting by my mailbox for it to show up. Thank you for writing such a great review, and I think I'll keep a close eye on future reviews from you.

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